'The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.'

-William Arthur Ward-


The Way of the Sword

Haidong Gumdo is a traditional Korean Sword Martial Art that can be enjoyed by anyone.  The training provides a combination of physical and mental exercise that ultimately produces a stronger mind and body.

It is a dynamic art and students can expect to practice basic movements, forms, sparring and when ready progress onto using a 'real' sword - all in a controlled, safe and regulated environment.

The Haidong Gumdo community is thriving and the worldwide network often meet to compete and train together on a rotating international programme. 

However words cannot really do a martial art justice. 


Come and judge for yourself.



Matthew Gildersleeve has over 18 years experience of training and teaching martial arts, the majority of which was under the expert eye of Master Han, Sang Hyun, Headmaster of the European Haidong Gumdo Association.  A veteran of the international tournament circuit he has competed and represented the UK successfully at the highest levels and has personally demonstrated for Her Majesty the Queen.

He retired from the Royal Air Force as a Squadron Leader in 2018 after serving 15 years as an Intelligence Officer before establishing MRG Martial Arts.      

Classes and Services

Group Sessions

Whether you are interested in a formal training syllabus to achieve your black belt, intense physical training or to enjoy doing something different, fun and challenging our group sessions can accommodate your needs

Please contact me for availability - space in the dojang is limited!

Personal Training Sessions

One to one tuition for those that want to hone their skills and have very specific training requirements

Corporate Services

Choreography and consultancy for the stage, screen and those that perform upon them


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